3 Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is finally here! A time of gratitude, sharing, and giving. What better way to celebrate this holiday than to give your guests a wonderful eating experience. We made the decisions much easier for you by listing for you 3 excellent options for incredible side dishes that will make the perfect compliment to your main dish!

  1. Pickled Peach and Cranberry Salsa

This option is one of our personal favorites. The unique flavor will mingle perfectly in your mouth with a piece of turkey. Your guests will be very surprised with this great recipe you have conjured up for them. We guarantee it!

  1. Baked Kale Gratin

Kale has become very popular in recent years so why not mix in this excellent and healthy ingredient into your side dish arsenal. Even if you don’t like kale, you’ll love this dish! Go ahead and give it a try!

  1. Sorghum Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an absolute classic. We’ve decided to include this classic option, but with a twist. We’ve decided to use a special glaze that will put a kick to your taste buds.

Fun Friday Events in St. Petersburg

Friday is finally here after a long week and we’ve got you covered on a couple ideas of what you can do on Friday. We’re positive that you’re going to love at least one of these options.

  1. Happy Hour @Tryst

Blow off some steam by just hanging out with your friends at Tryst. You know you deserve it and we know you do too.

2. Sun Coast Jazz Classic

We know there’s a lot of jazz fans out there so this option is specifically for all of you. Get your outfit on and head over to enjoy some great tunes and some great vibes!

  1.  Food Trucks!

Ahh, food! It makes us all happy once we take that first bite and munch into a scrumptious meal on a hot sunny day with the view of a beach ahead. Are you getting the picture? This can be your experience as soon as you head over to this popular event!

3 Fun November Happenings in St Petersburg



November will be filled with lots of fun events waiting for you to go to them. We know that when you think of November, you think of Thanksgiving but we’re going to show you that there’s so much more to look forward to than just this holiday. Here are 3 fun November events in St Petersburg available for you to enjoy.

  1. St Pete Wine & Food Festival

Take the time to relax after a long week at the food and wine festival. Forget about Wine Wednesday this week and just head on over to this festival with your friends to enjoy a wide variety of wines.

2. Annual Art Harvest

Tap into the artsy side of you and discover the unique ceramics, jewelry, paintings, photography, sculptures, and so much more. With a small $2 donation, you have access to an entire variety of artwork for a whole day. Bring some friends and it will be a day filled with fun memories.

3. Greater Pinellas County Fair

With four days of food, crafts, and entertainment there is so much fun to be had that you’ll be wondering what to do first when you get in. This is the perfect place to bring your kids. They’ll absolutely love you for taking them here.