AER: The Most Amazing Property In Town!

Home is where the heart is and AER will definitely have your heart if it doesn’t already. There’s no property like AER which is why you should feel on top of the world living here! St. Petersburg is a wonderful place, so naturally you want to live at the best spot in town. This property has so much to offer, so let’s take a look at all of the greatness that can be found in and around your building!

  • Walking Distance To So Many Places
    The great thing about where you live is that you can literally walk to many amazing places. You’re right next to Central Ave and Beach Drive which are two of the most popular shopping areas in town. You can easily walk to dinner, go shopping and hit some bars where the nighttime comes. You’re also walking distance from the Dali Museum, a handful of parks and the Museum of Fine Arts!
  • Features Galore
    The amount of features AER has to offer are through the roof and here are some of them, just to name a few: Coffee Bar & Mobile Lounge, Martini Bar, Relaxing Library With Fireplace, Covered Parking, Rooftop Infinity Edge Pool, Sunken Spa, Co-Ed Sauna and so much more. For a full list of amenities that you might not even know existed until now, click here: