Scenic Parks In Your Area!

Getting active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always a walk in the park, but it can be just that. If going to the gym just doesn’t sound appealing, or you enjoy the outdoors and nature just so much more, you should definitely check out these parks &  preserves in your area!

  • Weedon Island Preserve might be one of St. Petersburg’s hidden gems, because sometimes, even locals don’t know it exists! This preserve is amazing, from being an educational facility, to a perfect hiking spot, to even a great fishing site, this place is perfect. It is home to numerous species of native plants and animals and so much more. If nature is your thing, you will most definitely want to come check out what the Weedon Island Preserve has to offer because you will enjoy a beautiful, scenic hike and much more. Visit their website for more information:
  • Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is another one of St. Petersburg’s finest parks! This park features 6 miles of trails and and boardwalks which makes it the perfect spot to come enjoy a hike. There is an admission fee of $3 for adults, $1.50 for children ages 3-16 and free for kids under 2. This preserve is also known for its historical experience such as the Pioneer settlement. To see what else the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve offers (there’s A LOT) please visit their website: